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Welcome to Tutorial Expert, Thanks for visiting our website and we highly appreciate your business with us. We assure you the highly reliable services for your academic needs. Tutorial Expert highly encourages our users to read our terms and conditions carefully before placing an order with us. And if you do not agree with our terms and conditions, we request you not to place the order.

Once you place the order from this website it means that you are agreed with our term and conditions and happy to avail our services.

Once you agreed and tick the term and condition button, you send us the acknowledgment that you are fully agreed to Tutorial Expert’s Term and Conditions. We will not be liable for anything which is not covered by Tutorial Expert’s terms and condition.

Cancellation applies under certain conditions only if:


  • “Website” means www.tutorialexperts.org
  • “You,” “Yours” or “Customer” means you or the person who is placing the order
  • “Writer or Expert” means the person who has agreed to complete your assignment
  • “We,” “Our” or “Company” means www.tutorialexperts.org registered under the laws
  • “Order” means a request placed electronically which is paid for the particular service
  • “Quality Assurance Team” means a team delicately working to make sure the quality of work is delivered as per customer’s requirements.

Our Services Uses

  • Tutorial Expert has a highly experienced and professional writer to produce excellent quality papers.
  • Client’s agreement will be effective as soon as half payment is received in our bank account.
  • Once we receive the payment, our team will be responsible to produce and deliver the papers to the client.
  • The client has a right to lodge the complaint within seven days after the order placing the date, in case the client is not satisfied with the work.
  • We request our client to view Tutorial Expert Refund Policy prior to asking for any refund.
  • We will send you the ‘Work Completion Notice’ once your work is completed and it will be delivered to the provided email address once the final payment is received.
  • Tutorial Expert promises to assist their client through email, phone call, and WhatsApp message. Average reply time to any email is 2 hours, due to the extra workload, sometimes we are not available to answer the phone call and encourage our client to use the following communication channels:

    WhatsApp Message


  • Tutorial Expert agrees to assign a highly qualified and well-experienced writer to produce excellent quality and genuine documents.
  • Unauthorized use of our website or delivered documents are not permitted and a user may face legal penalties.

Delivery Policy

Tutorial Expert consists of highly efficient and dedicated team and a promise of our client to deliver all the documents on time. If we fail to deliver the document on-time then the client has a right to ask for the complete refund. All the papers which are produced by us are based on the client’s initial specific requirements and standards. And we always promise to deliver the high-quality work.

No Plagiarism

  • By consenting to our conditions, you recognize that we maintain whatever authority is needed to drop any agreement, assertion, or plan, with any individual who endeavours to offer plagiarised items as the first.
  • You additionally concur not to uncover any item received from us to the third party.
  • You won’t pass services and product delivered by us to third party or use it for other activities, these documents are used for references and learning purposes only.
  • We maintain all authority to decline to complete your work in the event that we find that the customer has utilized the delivered services in the form of plagiarism.
  • All the products we offer in the form of written materials should be used for reference or research purposes only.

Data Protection and Security

Tutorial Expert adheres to the Privacy Act and will keep all the information confidential other than required to do by legal agencies. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details. Our privacy policy is easily accessible on our website.


  • By putting in a request, you agree that you totally concur with the above-expressed points, and with the below-mentioned points:
  • All data utilized from the given paper must be appropriately referenced.
  • All papers we deliver ought to be utilized for reference or research purposes only.
  • Our team is always here to assist you if you need any help. You must only use these papers for the purposes of learning and referencing in a right format and the correct citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, etc.) and not to be submitted as your own work.
  • You must not create a duplicate document and send it to the third party. You must destroy or delete the document after your reference and learning purpose use.
  • You consent to receive the latest offers and discounts from our company. You can choose to withdraw from these services and offer anytime you like.

Amendments and Changes in our Term and Conditions

  • Tutorial Expert has a right to change or modify our terms and conditions anytime without any notice.
  • Tutorial Expert encourages our client to have a regular update on any changes made to the terms and conditions mentioned in the document.
  • It’s our responsibility to update the changes to our website as soon as they are made.

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